Mammoth ivory - the white gold of the tundra


On this page we offer you an insight into a large range of fossils from the Ice Age. Our company is specialized in mammoth ivory (Mammothus primigenius) and has an interesting range of collector’s items, tusks and raw materials. We guarantee all our customers the highest level of quality and unqiue products.

We offer all our customers a worldwide delivery from Germany with the necessary documents. As it is a unique product, it is self-evident that we offer the opportunity to personally inspect each item before purchasing. As a family business, the contact with our customers is extremely important to us. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions. Our customer service is available in English, German, French and Russian.

Mammoth ivory is not subject to any trade ban worldwide because it is part of an extinct species. This goes for all of the products from our sortiment. Our goods are imported from Russia and are inspected by German customs. Each item carries the necessary documents.Thus, worldwide trading is possible.

As a company, we have been active in the field of mammoth ivory and fossil products for over 14 years worldwide. Our clients include museums, famous collectors and the knife maker scene. Our global network allows us to present a unique and outstanding product range to our customers.